HR Media is a private corporation registered in Vietnam with Head Office based in District 1, center of Ho Chi Minh City. We specialize in dedicated Leadership and Talent summits and workshops providing an array of thought-leading Business Leaders and HR Leaders discussion, up-to-date management information and practical HR training and sharing to the corporate management and HR professionals in Vietnam and the neighbor countries in the South East Asia region.

We make ourselves different by our talented team, our unique deliverables and by our market experience

In Vietnam and SEA Region, we are a pioneer in the field of human resources media and communications. The key mission of our company is to connect together C-suit level experts, key industry leaders and influential HR professionals through our events, products and services. The end of this connection is to leverage and empower the HR in the organization and to support both HR Function and Business Management to understand each other better and deeper in order to make the business, people and organization more effective and efficient.

In addition to our annual conferences and events, we also customize and organize events for our most well-known corporate Clients to help them penetrate and win the market through the insightful and valuable aspects of who we are and what we do. Our events for clients are from big size conferences and expositions to focused one by one business meetings or round-table discussion.